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Thursday 8 03

Just for fun !

Wednesday 7 03

Advice from the HRD of GDF SUEZ Energia Italia

Being a Golden trotters allows us to meet very interesting people. It was the case with Paola Vezzaro. Paola Vezzare is the Human Resources Director of GDF SUEZ Energia Italia. We asked her to tell her story and she gave advice to people, like you and us, who just start their career. We suggest you to read this article. Read more

Sunday 4 03

Simply Energy !

In our previous articles you discovered the activities of International Power GDF SUEZ, a producer of energy with its proper energy mix. Read more

Thursday 1 03

Wind turbines, Luca and the Red Cross


Head of Operation & Maintenance, responsible for the wind farms of GDF SUEZ Rinnovabili (the renewable energy business line of GDF SUEZ in Italy), Luca Pompei, 33, is originally from Orte, a small town of 10,000 in Italy’s Lazio region. Luca is employed by GDF SUEZ, but he’s also a volunteer with the Red Cross. From Italy to Haiti – we’ll tell you his story. Read more

Wednesday 29 02

Wind turbines in Sicily

We are coming to the end of our Italian tour: Sicily. If, one day you visit, you will certainly see the wind turbines installed there by GDF SUEZ. We went to have a closer look. Read more

Tuesday 28 02

The tale of Rosignano Solvay…

Once upon a time, a Belgian company decided to create a village to house the employees of its plant. The village quickly grew and was gradually transformed into a very pretty town that took the name of Rosignano Solvay. Now we’ll tell you its story … Read more

Monday 27 02

Results of the last session of the contest!

Hello everybody !

The results of the last session are now known!

Congratulations to the winners, Christine GENY and Francine BAUDIN, who win a digital tablet!

Congratulations to Sébastien LACOMBE and Nawel MKHITAR who have given the correct answers all along the competition and who win a beautiful laptop !

By the way, thanks to all participant who have join the competition !

See you soon on the blog!

Read more

Saturday 25 02

Back to Nature !

We spent a few days with IPR-GDF SUEZ Australia, to discover its activity as an energy provider. As an energy provider, IPR-GDF SUEZ Australia is also involved in different social and environmental projects.

We had the chance to discover on of them: the Railway Reservoir.

This is the story of that project: Once upon a time… Read more

Saturday 25 02

Water in Italy: technical and economic challenges

There’s no stopping now! Today we’re off to meet Nuove Acque, in Tuscany. This company, a Suez Environnement subsidiary, manages the drinking water and purification stations for the region of Arezzo, a small town about an hour’s drive from Florence. Today we’ll be telling you about technology and economics. Hey, engineers, accountants and financial people – here’s your chance to click on the site Read more

Friday 24 02

A big player for water in Italy: Degremont

Today we will talk about water treatment in Italy. We have a meeting set up with Degremont Italia, a subsidiary of Suez Environnement. Degremont is everywhere and does everything! See for yourself! Read more


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